Violence against female migrants

Female refugees are particularly at risk

Studies indicate that the rate of violence experienced by women migrants is even higher and that violence is more often associated with injuries than with German women. Female refugees often experience violence.

In our midst, many girls and women with an immigration history suffer from the traditionally shaped structures of their families. They are victims of domestic violence in the name of the so-called "honor", are forced to marry, forced to maintain violent marriages and even killed by their own brothers and fathers.

For many women, the legal situation also makes it difficult to separate from the violent partner. They must have lived with their partner for at least two years in Germany in order to obtain an independent right of residence.

In addition to violence in marriage and family, migrant women are also exposed to structural violence. In particular, illegal women who have come to Germany, for example, through forced marriage or forced prostitution, are particularly vulnerable. They cannot simply turn to the police or authorities when they need protection.

Studies show that migrant women are better served through other women's shelters than through other support programs. Especially women's shelter in women's homes is heavily used by women with a migration background; they are less likely to offer other possibilities than for German women. But also the consultations of the so-called "on-going counseling" have proved very successful for immigrant women, particularly those with little knowledge of German.

However, the existing assistance and support opportunities for the affected migrant women are not sufficiently known. If there is a lack of language skills, the offers cannot be sufficiently used by the migrant women concerned. This is why it is important for women with a migration background to develop low-threshold, approaching and anonymous assistance.


Many information and practical tips in different languages ​​(Turkish, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Serbian) can be found at this website:

Help telephone violence against women 08 000 116 016

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