Women's specific counselling IMPULS

"Frauen helfen Frauen e. V."

The women's Counselling Centre IMPULS is aimed at girls and women aged 16 and over in the district of Kleve and offers comprehensive psycho-social counselling with a special focus on the female context of life. It has its headquarters in Goch and regularly offers women-specific counselling in Emmerich, Kleve and Geldern, so that women from the entire Kleve district can benefit from free and confidential counselling.


Consulting Focus

The staff of the IMPULS Women's Counselling Centre offer women affected by domestic and/or sexualised violence professional and individual assistance at short notice.

They provide information about the various possibilities of legal protection and support the women in their upcoming decisions and the necessary (practical) steps.

The women's counselling centre offers a confidential and, on request, anonymous framework for affected women.

The counselling is aimed at stabilising women in crisis situations and developing new alternatives for action and life perspectives together with them.


Concrete help offers

  • Intervention counselling in accordance with § 34a PolG NRW: legally stipulated, police measures are interlinked with psychosocial victim support.
  • Counselling, stabilisation and support in the event of impending, acute or post-experienced violence
  • Counselling on the topics of relationships, separation and divorce
  • Counselling on the subject of eating disorders
  • Close cooperation with authorities, different institutions and advice centres
  • Preventive offers for girls and women on the topics: Domestic violence, sexualised violence/ knockout drops and eating disorders
  • Training for multipliers on the topics of domestic violence, sexualised violence, eating disorders and trauma-sensitive work



Women‘s Counselling Center IMPULS
Headquarters: Voßstraße 28 | 47574 Goch
Phone 02823.419171 | Fax 02823.419172


Our office is staffed at the following times:

Monday - Wednesday 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

Thursday 14.00 h to 18.00 h

Consultations in Emmerich take place after previous date arrangement on Tuesday morning in the “Haus der Familie“, Neuer Steinweg 25.

Consultations in Geldern take place after previous date arrangement on Wednesday morning in the “Kanzlei Verhoeven & Partner“, Ostwall 1.

Consultations in Kleve take place after previous date arrangement on Tuesday morning in “Caritas Counselling Centre“, Hoffmannallee 66-68 and on Thursday morning with SOS, Kalkarer road 10.


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